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Media & Publishing august 25, 2016

CNN Launched An Entire Drone Division Of Their News Network

CNN AIR incorporates aerial footage into the corporation's ongoing news coverage

Syndicated august 19, 2016

What Does Olympic Success Mean For Female Journalists?

The Rio Olympics have seen sportswomen in the spotlight but female sports journalists still find it hard to break through

[Stat] 45% of readers pay for a physical newspaper every week, while only 9% pay for digital news
[Stat] More Americans now work for online-only publications than newspapers
[Insight] New York Times and Associated Press agree that ‘internet’ is too ubiquitous to capitalize
Technology april 28, 2016

Google Is Helping Journalists Crowdsource War Reporting

Journalists get help to discover and verify eyewitnesses on social media

Home may 20, 2015

Journalism Software Turns PSFK’s Workflow into Catchy Techno's editorial newsroom gets visualized over an 18-month period, resulting in some musical 'data-driven journalism'

The New York Times plans an international digital expansion (NY Times)
Twitter is most effective for breaking and controversial news, report shows (Neiman Labs)
Innovation march 30, 2015

Journalism Platform Reports Only One Crisis at a Time

Coda Story cuts through the journalistic noise, focusing on only one issue or crisis as it happens

Innovation february 16, 2015

Click-Bait & Faux War Stories – Can We Trust The News?

The web has simultaneously enabled an accelerated cycle of untrue stories and rumour, and the ability to debunk them

Work january 16, 2015

Drone Journalism and Sports Coverage Coming to a Sky Near You

The DJI Phantom 2 commercial drone offers sky-high possibilities in the realm of storytelling

Work december 16, 2014

What happens when journalism goes 100% Twitter? is a news venture from First Look Media that's moving journalism directly onto social media

News october 27, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Travel to DC from New York in 60 minutes via train, Amazon UK collaborates on same-day delivery service and can removing Madison Square Garden improve Penn Station?


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