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Arts & Culture june 12, 2014

JR Plasters Paris Panthéon With Thousands Of Anonymous Portraits

Thanks to a photo-booth truck and the web, snapshots of unknown people will be plastered all over the Panthéon during renovations.

Cities january 6, 2014

JR Installs Paper Graffiti At The NYC Ballet [Video]

Three unique performances will form part of the Art Series 2014.

Home october 9, 2013

Traveling Photo Booth Prints Out Giant Street Art [Pics]

Passersby given a chance to plaster their face outside Somerset House in London.

Work april 3, 2013

JR App Maps His Street Art Career

TED Prize winning graffiti master has launched a platform that allows users to view his celebrated art through an interactive map.

Work october 12, 2012

Visit A Museum Without Leaving The Street

The Street Museum of Art celebrates the often overlooked graffiti of NYC.

Technology september 15, 2012

Researchers Merge Living Cells With Nanowires To Create Functional 'Cyborg' Tissue

A Harvard research team has created a method which successfully combines functional electronics and living biological structures.

Arts & Culture june 24, 2011

JR On Houston Street [Pics]

JR has put up his art at the Tony Goldman mural space at Houston and Bowery in New York.

Design & Architecture march 4, 2011

TED 2011 Prize Winner Brings Humor And Optimism To Slums And Conflict Zones [Video]

JR's new participatory art project allows the whole world to participate.

Work october 20, 2010

Street Artist JR Wins The TED Prize For 2011

TED picks an unconventional recipient for their annual prize.

Arts & Culture june 25, 2010

Moving Beyond The White Cube

A return to older-style presentations of art in Berlin.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2010

(Pics) Massive Street Art Portraiture By JR & Vhils

Two creative artists collaborated to make a pair of stunning murals on buildings in Los Angeles.

Arts & Culture april 28, 2009
Arts & Culture february 11, 2009

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