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9 Stories You Need To Know Today

String Quartet Made From Human Hair Proves Shampoo’s Strength [Video]

Urinals Generate Electricity To Power Carnival Floats [Video]

Alzheimers Patients Treated With Personalized Perfume Kits

Cheese Company’s Business Card Is Also A Mini Grater [Video]

OXO Stop-Motion Ad Turns Household Items Into Delicious Food

JWT Launches Pop-Up Agency That Will Only Work During SXSW

Coca-Cola Print Ad Becomes An iPhone Speaker

Kit Kat App Reduces Social Media Stress With Automated Status Updates

This Year’s Super Bowl Advertisers Won’t Quit At The 30 Second Spot

PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: George Parker

What If Consumers Controlled Their Online Data? A Panel Discussion Curated By PSFK

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