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Work june 1, 2015

Mail a Button-Down Shirt as a Love Letter

Japanese graduate student Yokoi Masako makes stationary that turn into shirts

Technology december 11, 2012

Viewers ‘Feel’ 3D Video

Developed by Solidray, the system incorporates visual and tactile feedback to enable people to experience virtual objects.

Technology october 15, 2012

Robot Perfectly Recreates Ancient Japanese Calligraphy

The Motion Copy System can identify and store complex brush strokes, enabling a robot to reproduce them as if it were a human.

Innovation october 5, 2012

'Transparent' Car Has No Blind Spots

Image projection technology helps drivers "see through" a car's back seat to reveal hazards behind them.

Luxury september 30, 2012

Intel IQ: Avatar Robots Let Users Feel What The Droids Feel

The TELESAR V allows a human controller to experience the same sensations as the robot, even from thousands of miles away.

Home april 5, 2012

Smart Plants That Can React To Their Owners [Video]

Japanese researchers are making plants more interactive, using sensors and actuators to make them move them when you're nearby.

Arts & Culture april 3, 2012

Interactive Poster Gives You A Kiss When You Come Close

Posters may soon give you a playful kiss when you get close to them, thanks to innovations from a student research group from Japan's Keio University.

Gaming & Play september 23, 2011

Japanese Researchers Create Touchable 3D Characters [Video]

The group demonstrates the tech, which uses a tactile interface and naked eye 3D display.

Mobile december 15, 2010

Medical Technology May Lead To A Modern "Smell-O-Vision"

Originally developed to measure a person's sense of smell, the Fragrance Jet II could be used for different kinds of fragrance generators in the future.

Sustainability november 9, 2010

Blob Motility Makes Breakthrough In Metamorphic Materials

Using robotics and material technology, Japanese researchers at Keio University create a programmable material.


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