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Work december 14, 2011

How Can Philosophy Play A Larger Role In Media Experiences?

Jason Silva's 'The Beginning of Infinity' video series provides a philosophical perspective on the co-evolution of technology and human beings.

Technology october 14, 2011

Kevin Kelly: Information Shifts Toward The Peerage Of Customers [Headlines] does responsibility for success. The net demands wiser customers."

Innovation october 10, 2011

Kevin Kelly: Expertise Now Resides In Fanatical Customers [Headlines]

"As customers get smarter, the focus of expertise shifts toward affiliates and home-brew groups, and away from large corporations or the solo academic professional..."

Retail september 15, 2011

Kevin Kelly: To Remember What A Customer Wants [Headlines]

"You order the same espresso every day, except when it's cold out, and then you order a latte. The relationship tech has to be robust enough to be taught these distinctions."

Technology june 23, 2011

Kevin Kelly On The Drive To Relate To The Consumer Intimately [Headlines]

"The drive to relate to the consumer intimately to the point of encouraging prosuming, can be articulated as a series of progressive goals... Each of the missions elevates the firm's commitment to the customer and raises the customer's involvement with the firm."

Design & Architecture may 13, 2011

A Lesson In Techno-Literacy

Kevin Kelly's post 'Techno Life Skills' lists some interesting principles to master if you want to be truly techno-literate.

Innovation october 28, 2010

What Technology Wants and Where Good Ideas Come From

The prolific authors Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson discuss their latest works at a talk hosted by the New York Public Library.

Technology july 20, 2009

Increased Supply Now Means Plentitude

Kevin Kelly has a short piece on his ‘New Rules For The New Economy’ site about the changes to our industrial-age learned economic thinking. He says that in the past scarcity kept prices up but now the reverse is true and that we should value the relationship more than the ‘copy’.

Innovation may 26, 2009

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