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Technology january 19, 2015

Is Next The Perfect iPhone Keyboard?

With nearly $40,000 raised on Kickstarter, third-party keyboard promises the ultimate typing experience

Work january 12, 2015

E-Ink Keyboard Talks Like Siri & Personalizes Your Buttons

Jaasta's makers hope that reactive buttons & smart assistance will offer human-tech partnership

Arts & Culture september 17, 2013

Volcanic Ash Keyboards Imagine Technology From The Distant Past [Pics]

Pharrell Williams and artist Daniel Arsham collaborate to create a set of fossilized instruments.

Work january 10, 2012

Logitech IT Vending Machines Keep Employees Well-Stocked

Workers scan their ID badge and help themselves to keyboards, headsets and other pieces of tech gear.

Arts & Culture june 20, 2011

Fashion Tech: Chiara Catalano's Keyboard Bags [Pics]

The Italian designer's eco fashion brand creates handbags out of recycled keyboards.

Design & Architecture may 13, 2011

Apple Patents Predictive Typing Keyboard

Apple has filed a patent for a keyboard that uses proximity sensors and tactile feedback to detect user input.

Innovation january 13, 2010

Ion Audio Peripherals Use iPhone As A Digital Core

The small but powerful iPhone has a new set of accessories that help make it easier to interact with the device.

Cities july 16, 2009

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