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Technology october 29, 2013

Haiku Generator Invents Poems Based On NSA Key Words

Haiku generator that creates bizarre poetries the government cannot help but flag and spy on.

Sustainability october 4, 2013

Shuffled Buzzword Blocks Imagine The Trends Of The Future [Video]

Current media keywords used to create a bizarre new way of predicting the future.

Technology may 9, 2013

Block Unwanted Spoilers On Twitter Using Keywords

17-year-old develops a way to keep the endings of your favorite TV shows a secret.

Gaming & Play december 9, 2011

Interactive Game Asks Activist To Eliminate Seeds Of Climate Doubt Online [Future Of Gaming]

The Climate Reality Patrol is a Gaming for Good concept that allows users to instantly tag their online comments with Climate Reality keyword facts to earn badges and rewards.

Advertising november 1, 2010

New Search Engine Aims To Offer More Relevant Results

Blekko is a new search engine that claims to offer better content.


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