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Work march 8, 2016

These Feminist Dolls Offer Girls More Diverse Narratives

A series of forthcoming dolls breaks the emphasis on appearance-first toys

Technology march 2, 2016

The Kid-Friendly Search Engine

Prepare kids to process search data in an age of information overload

IoT february 18, 2016

Barbie Gets Tech-Savvy with Wi-Fi Enabled Dreamhouse

Will a smarthome-living Barbie convince audiences that she is a relevant doll for the 21st century?

Mobile february 16, 2016

Electric Go-Kart Brings Mario Kart to Interactive Life

Youngsters can drive around in a vehicle packed with collision avoidance

Technology january 7, 2016

LEGO Robotics Kit Lets Kids Code Their Way to Mars

An educational division at the toy company created a system that allows blossoming developers to explore the Amazon rainforest and more

Work october 30, 2014

Ample Safety Features Included in Kid-Friendly 3D Sketching Pen

The Poyles Q1 by Future Make has been designed to appeal to adults and children alike

Gaming & Play october 24, 2014

Clip-On Turns the Playground into a Life-size Game Console

The Hybrid Play sensor can be clipped onto any playground structure to turn it into a life-size game console for a smartphone app

Innovation october 9, 2014

Camp for Kids Teaches 3D Design, Printing

Pixel Academy is offering a week-long tech/design crash-course for the young ones

Home october 6, 2014

Teddy Bear Helping Kids Navigate Diabetes

The toy provides education through play as children help him manage his own illness

Arts & Culture october 3, 2014

Plush Toy Characters Teach Children About 3D Shapes, Geometry

Prismland is a series of educational toys that help kids learn about geometric concepts

Mobile september 30, 2014

Help Prevent Missing Children with $5 Wearable Beacon

Lineable's technology provides cost-efficient child safety tracking

Arts & Culture september 26, 2014

Schools Incorporate Desk Bikes, Pedals for Students to Exercise While Learning

Read and Ride program promotes healthier eduation in classrooms with portable contraption

Design & Architecture september 25, 2014

Children’s Beverage Carton Concept Is Both a Drink and Play Toy

Building block packaging encourages creativity and social responsibility

Retail september 25, 2014

Suspended Tree Tent is Also a Swing and Bouncy Castle

Here's a tent that really knows how to move


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