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[Insight] Coloring books and re-releases drive rise in physical book sales, as ebooks decline
Retail april 28, 2016

Amazon To Sell E-Books To The Largest School District In The U.S.

Selling digital books to NYC students through an internal marketplace

Culture march 4, 2015

U.S. Launch Signals Two-Faced Phone’s Growing Takeover

Matthew Kelly, YotaPhone Managing Director for Americas, provides more information about their North American expansion

Advertising february 3, 2015

Reports of the Ebook’s Death May Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Reports that physical books are gaining ground at the expense of digital are just plain wrong

Culture march 27, 2014

Kindle, Glass, Apps Or Text: What Is The Future Of Books?

Is the future an interactive novel read on a Google Glass? How the written word will be consumed is an important question for the future of our society.

Advertising november 28, 2013

Why Multichannel Service Builds Long-Term Loyalty [Future of Retail]

A proactive approach to customer care designed to deliver problem resolution and information that is streamlined and personal.

Culture september 6, 2013

Amazon To Sell Individual Essays And Short Stories

Amazon's new Singles format gives author's more power over their titles.

Culture august 19, 2013

Amazon Launches Wiki-Inspired Short Bios Of Historical Figures

In response to how reading habits have changed, the retail giant is debuting a new “Icons” series which will bring short biographies to the Kindle.

Syndicated may 23, 2013

Amazon To Sell Fan Fiction Ebooks

Original authors and their amateur adapters can now put their spin-offs on sale.

Gaming may 14, 2013

Amazon Launches Its Own Virtual Currency

Web giant introduces new way to pay for apps and games.

Innovation march 21, 2013

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Apple less inspiring, Google Drive gets realtime API, Twitter patents itself...links to start your day with.

Advertising march 7, 2013

Re-Envisioning The Future Of The Human Race

A bold project seeks to re-align the global agenda for survival of the species by focusing on macro problems.

Advertising october 23, 2012

Will The iPad Mini Crush Amazon And Google?

With the announcement of Apple's latest device analysts are predicting the new product could cut into sales of Kindle line as well as the android tablet.

Advertising october 23, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon wipes users Kindle accounts, an ad agency develops a Broadway show, and Jay-Z and B. lose the battle to trademark their baby's name...Links to start your day with.


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