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Technology september 27, 2012

Dan Gilmor: Who Is Winning The Battle Between Apple And Google Maps?

Guardian columnist tells us that if we upgraded your iPhone to iOS6 and got lost because of the map app, we're the collateral damage in a monopolists' war.

Arts & Culture september 24, 2012

13 Stories You Need To Know

The cast of West Wing performing in political ads, whether beer exposed to an atomic bomb is drinkable, and a Broadway show by Poise on menopause...Links to start your day with.

Work september 15, 2012

This Week In Brand Strategy & Marketing

PSFK curates some of the strategy, digital and creative advertising news catching our attention this week.

Technology september 11, 2012

Tongue-In-Cheek Paperback Only Features Images Of Broken Kindle Screens [Video]

Artists explores the aesthetics of faulty e-ink technology.

Gaming & Play september 7, 2012

Amazon Launches Larger Tablets To Rival iPad

New e-reader unveiled and updated tablets given larger screens in latest move to get a leg up against Apple sales

Mobile september 7, 2012

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon's unveiling of the Kindle HD, launching candy bars over social media and a remote control for cockroaches... Links to start your day with.

Innovation september 4, 2012

Is Ownership Meaningless In The Digital Era?

As Bruce Willis has reportedly discovered, your ebooks and i-tunes last as long as you do and essentially no longer.

Home august 28, 2012

Do Book Publishers Need To Become ‘Multimedia Content Producers?’

HarperCollins's chief executive is about to launch an e-atlas – and, she says, that's not the only way the world is changing.

Retail august 9, 2012

Kindle Ebook Sales Have Overtaken Amazon Print Sales [Headlines]

With sales of ebooks outpacing the sale of printed books, Amazon ushers in a new era of reading.

Technology august 6, 2012

Amazon Sells Kindle For $47 [Headlines]

Is the 40% discount on select devices a signal that a new version of the eReader will be available soon?

Work july 28, 2012

Piers Fawkes: What Commuting Taught Me About How To Compete With The iPad

Observations about what works when it comes to personal technology from the 6.30am To Grand Central.

IoT july 13, 2012

Reinterpreting Network Communication As Easy-To-Understand Updates [Video]

'Words of a middle man' uses a wireless router to analyze activity between people, devices and servers, and translates it into layman's language.

Technology july 6, 2012

UK Hotel Replaces Bedside Bibles With Kindles [Headlines]

The Hotel Indigo's Newcastle location is ditching the standard hardcover bible in favor of an electronic edition.

Cities may 17, 2012

What Are The Most Well-Read Cities In America? [Headlines]

Residents in Alexandria, VA, Cambridge, MA, and Berkeley, CA have bought the most books, magazines, and newspapers since July 2011.


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