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Technology january 10, 2012

Interactive Kinect Installation Transforms Kids Into Virtual Puppeteers

The interactive puppetry experience, Puppet Parade, allows children to use their arms to control larger than life creatures projected on to the wall in front of them.

Home october 19, 2011

Kinect Banking App Lets You Manage Your Finances Using Hand Gestures [Video]

This hack utilizes the motion sensing technology developed for the Xbox 360.

Innovation august 4, 2011

Robotic Mimicry: Lightwriting Via Kinect [Video]

CMU students control robotic arm using their movements and Kinect technology.

Technology july 1, 2011

Be A Dubstep DJ With Xbox Kinect [Video]

This gesture-based program tracks hand movements to control how the music you're listening to gets played.

Retail june 10, 2011

Virtual Reality And The Future Of Marketing

Marketing is changing due to augmented reality, projection mapping and Kinect hacking.

Design & Architecture june 7, 2011

wi-GO: Kinect Hack For A Shopping Cart That Follows You Around [Video]

A robot system that uses Kinect technology to promote mobility for those with physical difficulties.

Retail may 10, 2011

Topshop’s Augmented Reality Fitting Room Uses Kinect Hack

A virtual fitting room was installed in Moscow as an alternative to the traditional method of trying clothes on.

Innovation december 6, 2010

A Kinect-Powered Autonomous Flying Machine

A team from the Hybrid Systems Lab at Berkeley have put together a prototype device that uses the Microsoft device to navigate the world.

Technology december 3, 2010

Get “Invisible” With Kinect

The latest Kinect hack makes people appear transparent.

Work november 30, 2010

10 Innovative Kinect Hacks

Our guide to the first and newest "remixes" of Microsoft's $150 infrared laser depth sensor.


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