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USA november 17, 2016

Pedestrian Footsteps Power City Street Lights

EnGoPlanet is an off-the-grid lighting solution being installed in Las Vegas

Technology may 10, 2016

How Wearable Tech Can Reduce Workplace Injuries

KINETIC gathers data around an employees' posture to provide tips on how to move and avoid injury

Work september 22, 2014

Kinetic Clock Installation Revamps Traditional Analogue Clock Faces

Humans Since 1982 turn 288 timepieces into a hypnotic visual display

Arts & Culture september 19, 2014

Kinetic Art Installation Created Using Old Tech

Commuting first encounters on display in the Taipei 101 Metro station

Mobile february 25, 2014

Generator Turns Everyday Vibrations Into Smartphone Power

A film that acts like a sponge is the key to picking up subtle movements that could power your device.

Innovation december 27, 2013

PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Items For Personal Tracking

Help your friend off to a healthy new year with these gifts that quantify daily habits.

Home september 9, 2013

Large-Scale Honeycomb Breathes In Response To Changing Weather Patterns [Video]

Shifts in wind direction and temperature cause this geometric structure to react.

Advertising april 10, 2013

Holographic Ad Gives Live Demo Of Nike Shoes On The Street [Video]

The sportswear company's latest outdoor campaign in Amsterdam features a 3-D display of their latest sneaker.

Cities january 7, 2013

Pavement Generates Electricity From Footsteps

Pavegen sidewalk tiles harnesses kinetic energy from the impact of pedestrian's feet.

Arts & Culture january 20, 2012

Kinetic Sculpture Shows The Future Of Our Metropolis [Video]

A miniature model gives us a glimpse into a chaotic urban environment with 100,000 tiny peeding cars.

Mobile november 1, 2011

Tech Co. Marries Movement And Digital Capture For A Virtual Dodgeball Game

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the co-founder of The Supertouch Group Sam Ewen, a company bridging the virtual/physical divide utilizing Kinect technology for virtual games played in real life.

Technology september 27, 2011

Floating Forecaster Turns The Weather Into A Physical Visualization

Not only does Poietic's Floating Forecaster visualize weather it is also interactive and can play music.

Work april 5, 2011

Kinetic Sculptures Make Art Out Of The Mundane [Pics]

Functional robots offer a study in simple interactions between user and object

Advertising january 8, 2009

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