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How Wearable Tech Can Reduce Workplace Injuries

Kinetic Clock Installation Revamps Traditional Analogue Clock Faces

Kinetic Art Installation Created Using Old Tech

Generator Turns Everyday Vibrations Into Smartphone Power

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Items For Personal Tracking

  • 27 december 2013
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Large-Scale Honeycomb Breathes In Response To Changing Weather Patterns [Video]

Holographic Ad Gives Live Demo Of Nike Shoes On The Street [Video]

Pavement Generates Electricity From Footsteps

Kinetic Sculpture Shows The Future Of Our Metropolis [Video]

Tech Co. Marries Movement And Digital Capture For A Virtual Dodgeball Game

Floating Forecaster Turns The Weather Into A Physical Visualization

Kinetic Sculptures Make Art Out Of The Mundane [Pics]

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