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Technology december 20, 2013

Jump Rope Generates Useable Electricity From Exercise

PULSE harvests kinetic energy which is converted to electricity and can be used to charge small devices.

Technology june 28, 2013

Smartphone Charger Uses Wrist Movements To Power Up

Off-grid charger lets you generate enough juice to make an emergency call.

Design & Architecture may 23, 2013

Movement-Powered Digital Watch Has Its Own Mini Generator [Pics]

Timepiece does away with the need for batteries.

Innovation april 26, 2013

Portable Pedal Powered Battery Powers Devices On & Off The Bike

New way to charge phones using electricity generated while users cycle.

Work july 20, 2012

Springwise: Brazilian Inmates Cycle To Shorten Their Prison Sentences

Using the kinetic energy generated to power batteries prisoners get a day off the sentence for every 16 hours pedalling they complete.

Travel january 24, 2012

Rolling Suitcase Uses Kinetic Energy To Charge Gadgets [Headlines]

New environmentally friendly suitcase boosts the battery life of electronics while you make you way to your destination.

Mobile august 26, 2011

Charge Your Smartphone While You Walk

New technology allows your steps to create an electrical current that could be used to power your mobile devices.

Design & Architecture january 20, 2011

Sculptural Amplifier Is Pendulum Powered [Video]

The unusual multisensory device uses kinetic energy to amplify sound.

Mobile january 18, 2011

Shoe Charger Uses Kinetic Energy To Power Cellphones

A small nanogenerator device relies on the wearer's movements to charge gadgets on the go.

Innovation september 22, 2010

Energysport Uses Energy From Your Bike To Charge Your Gadgets

Device recharges portable electronic devices while you are on the go.

Luxury march 16, 2010

The World’s First Mechanical Cell Phone

Based on the mechanics of high-end watches, the the Celsius X VI II Papillon phone is claimed to be the world's first mechanical mobile phone.

Technology march 10, 2010

Nokia Developing Self-Charging Phone

Nokia is developing a phone that harvests its own energy through a combination of kinetic and piezoelectric technologies.

Innovation february 18, 2010

Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags For Disaster Recovery

The EnHANTs (Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags) project is one of three winners from the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project.

Technology february 17, 2010

Harnessing Energy From Micro-vibrations And Temperature Differences

Researchers at MIT have been working to develop methods for harnessing energy from natural, passive processes.


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