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Design & Architecture october 5, 2016

Flat Pack Shelter Includes A Bathroom And Fully Equipped Kitchen

The domicile is easy to assemble and can sustain a family of four for months following a disaster

Technology october 3, 2016

Grow A Microgreen Garden Inside Your Home

SproutsIO is an intelligent gardening system optimizes a plant's growth based on ambient conditions

Retail september 2, 2016

This Recipe Platform And Connected Oven Combo Could Make You A Better Chef

Home cooks will be able to control timer and temperature of kitchen appliances automatically and receive notifications when their food is ready

Home july 7, 2016

This Functional Kettle Is Designed To Sit In Your Living Room

An updated design turns the humble appliance into a home centerpiece

Food june 24, 2016

Whirlpool Is Trying To Build Foolproof Kitchen Appliances

The technology comes to fill a gap in the realm of 'smart' appliances and might be the answer for those looking to cook more

Technology june 3, 2016

Cook And Serve A Whole Meal On This High-Tech Kitchen Table

Electric table can cook, heat and chill dishes all at the same time

Food may 26, 2016

Tiny Robotic Kitchen Can Make Healthy Meal In Minutes

MIT students create kitchen that preps nutritious meals as fast as one orders junk food

Design & Architecture may 20, 2016

How To Make Waste Management More Attractive Through Design

Unit stores recycling and trash in stackable compartments to save kitchen space

Retail april 5, 2016

IKEA’s Virtual Kitchen Offers Supreme Customization

In a partnership with HTC Vive, the home furnishing brand is striking out into VR

Design & Architecture march 30, 2016

Multi-Functional Cutting Board Can Tackle Any Task in the Kitchen

A Canadian chef has designed a cutting board to meet multiple functionalities and make cooking that much more organized

Sustainability march 17, 2016

Grow Your Own Salad With IKEA’s Hydroponic Gardening Kits

From seed to table, the Swedish furniture giant is redefining the way we think about food

Home march 14, 2016

This Kitchen Series of Sleek Appliances is Meant for Millennials

Appliance collection plays on minimalism to create pieces that are classic yet millennial-friendly

Work december 21, 2015

Create Your Perfect Cup of Coffee, From Grind to Tasting Flight

The home brewing machine allow you to customize your cup of joe with the ease of a professional barista

Arts & Culture december 8, 2015

Aquaponics, Not Robotics, For Our Future Kitchens

This design concept for the Future Classroom puts a spin on the futuristic kitchen with an integrated garden


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