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Design & Architecture december 8, 2014

Digital Art, Design And Knitwear Fashion Combined In Customized Clothing

Personalized Knyttan jumpers and scarves bring designers and customers closer together

Work december 3, 2014

How 3D Printing Can Change Knitwear

Knitwear can look forward to an accelerated improvement with a little help from 3D printing

Design & Architecture june 24, 2014

Conductive Yarn Controls Machines With Strokes, Stretches And Squeezes

This knit-based machine interface can make orange juice, turn on lights and more.

Technology february 27, 2014

Knitted Scarf Turned Into Digital Flip Book [Video]

Artist Sam Meech creates video animations by capturing individual frames of moving knitted pieces.

Sustainability august 30, 2013

Nike Knits A Giant Sneaker Billboard In Real-Time To Show Off New Shoe Material [Video]

Outdoor advertising takes shape under the watchful eyes of passersby.

Work august 15, 2013

Yarn-Bombed Bridge Covered In Multi-Colored Blankets

Knitted blankets and other fiberart created by artist communities is used to decorate the Andy Warhol Bridge in a public art installation.

Arts & Culture august 8, 2013

Sewing Kit Features Endangered Animals To Help Kids Learn

MFA graduate draws from her love of wildlife to produce a hand-sewing kit that has a dual educational purpose.

Design & Architecture april 23, 2013

Knitted, Man-Sized Boyfriend Pillow

'My Knitted Boyfriend' is a life-sized cuddling cushion for people missing someone in bed to snuggle with.

Cities february 12, 2013

Toyota Yarn Bombs London Neighborhood [Pics]

As part of their ‘Positive Power’ campaign, the car company partnered with Knit the City to cover Brixton in wool.

Arts & Culture january 13, 2012

Artist Knits Clothing Using Recycled Newspaper Yarn [Pics]

Ivano Vitali sorts his printed material by color instead of using dyes to create upcycled fashion pieces.

Advertising november 10, 2011

650,000 Smoothie Bottles Don Wooly Caps To Raise Funds For Charity

UK beverage brand Innocent aims to raise over $1.5 million to help keep the elderly warm during the winter cold.

Arts & Culture may 18, 2011

Knitted Tricycle Art [Pics]

Found on Prince Street in Manhattan, soaked and chained on a soggy rainy day.

Arts & Culture march 9, 2011

Vintage Knitting Machine Creates Weather Data Sculptures

Windy weather powers a knitting factory to provide scarves to suit the weather.

Technology december 17, 2010

Twitter Knitted Scarves Craft Camden Christmas Cheer

A creative project makes use of Twitter communication dynamics for "knit on demand" yuletide scarves.


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