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Digital Art, Design And Knitwear Fashion Combined In Customized Clothing

How 3D Printing Can Change Knitwear

Conductive Yarn Controls Machines With Strokes, Stretches And Squeezes

Knitted Scarf Turned Into Digital Flip Book [Video]

Nike Knits A Giant Sneaker Billboard In Real-Time To Show Off New Shoe Material [Video]

Yarn-Bombed Bridge Covered In Multi-Colored Blankets

Sewing Kit Features Endangered Animals To Help Kids Learn

Knitted, Man-Sized Boyfriend Pillow

Toyota Yarn Bombs London Neighborhood [Pics]

Artist Knits Clothing Using Recycled Newspaper Yarn [Pics]

650,000 Smoothie Bottles Don Wooly Caps To Raise Funds For Charity

Knitted Tricycle Art [Pics]

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