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Sustainability july 5, 2013

Environmental Project Asks Residents To Identify Trees

Commonstudio wants to raise awareness of common palm trees around L.A.

Technology april 23, 2013

San Francisco Creates A Social Network For Emergencies [Video]

The city is testing out a new way for people to help each other and react quickly when disaster strikes.

Work january 13, 2013

Startup School Gives Mentorship & On The Job Training [Future Of Work]

E[nstitute] is an educational program for young entrepreneurs that pairs college-aged youth with high profile startups.

Innovation january 13, 2013

Learning By Doing - A Future Of Work Trend

A collaborative, startup mentality is being adopted by workers and organizations that allows for new ways to learn.

Technology january 2, 2012

Educational Game Leverages Kinect To Make Learning Fun [Future Of Gaming]

Microsoft has released a series of ‘playful learning’ video games that function with the controller-free, motion-sensing device, Kinect for Xbox 360.

Luxury november 10, 2011

QR Codes Are Misunderstood And Underused [Headlines]

While 72% of consumers have seen a QR code, many don't know what they are, and only a third report that scanning them is useful.

Design & Architecture august 16, 2011

Fracture Cast Concept Lets You Track Your Healing Process

An innovative concept case created by a graduate student from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design helps monitor the healing progress of its user.

august 11, 2011

Why Aren't Women Writing For Wikipedia? [Headlines]

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia says 90% of the writers on Wikipedia are men and explained that some areas could use the help of female writers.

Arts & Culture march 22, 2011

Chronological Visualization Of How Knowledge Emerges

A compelling data visualization maps the history of the world according to Wikipedia data.

Advertising december 6, 2010

HeyKiki: An Online Hub For Hands-On Knowledge Transfer

A dedicated web platform aims to foster communities for crafts, hobbies and apprenticeship.

Work january 19, 2010

When Focus Becomes More Important Than Knowledge

How is the Internet changing the way you think?

Advertising january 7, 2010

(Pic) A Visual Depiction Of How Much Data Americans Consume Daily

Just how much data does the average American consume on a daily basis?

Technology april 30, 2009

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