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Technology october 26, 2016

Kodak's Smartphone Is Inspired By A Retro Camera

Ektra is an Android phone with a powerful lens aimed at photographers

Work march 2, 2016

Yves Béhar on Retro Design In An Instantaneous World

fuseproject's founder on creating an up-to-date filmmaking experience with a film-based cartridge

Home january 7, 2016

The Recreation of Super 8 for Modern Consumer Sensibilities

Two companies intend to turn consumers back to their filmmaking roots

Technology november 14, 2014

Kodak’s New Action Camera Features 360-Degree Lens

The photography brand's PIXPRO SP360 aims to give GoPro a run for its money

Luxury june 30, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook makes push for more inclusion, Kodak's hometown suffers as the company declines and Twitter unites global soccer fans.

Mobile october 3, 2013

Original Kodak Photos Depict The Roots Of Selfie Culture [Pics]

Photographs from the brand's first consumer cameras have been posted online, giving a glimpse into what everyday life was like for early users.

september 5, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Video-chatting with real eye contact, Panasonic pulls out of the smartphone market and Samsung reveals new smartwatch.

Work january 18, 2013

Photos From The Last Roll Of Kodachrome Film

National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry had the honor of shooting the final pictures using this technology.

Retail december 20, 2012

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Obama is Time's person of the year, Samsung is the new top cell phone brand, how much does it cost to power Christmas lights?...Links to start your day with.

Home november 14, 2012

Create A Slideshow Of Favorite Instagrams With This Matchbox-Sized Projector

The tiny device makes digital photo sharing a communal experience in the physical world.

Design & Architecture september 18, 2012

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Intel shoots for no energy computing by 2020, new children's headphones protect hearing, and the first ever color film restored in the UK ...Links to start your day with.

Innovation july 12, 2012

Original Logos Of Famous Companies [Headlines]

From Apple to Xerox to GE, the first and current designs associated with the brands.

Technology may 30, 2012

Is Instagram Worth More Than The New York Times? [Headlines]

Mark Zuckerberg thought a two year old photo app with zero revenue was worth more than a world renown news outlet which pulls in nearly $500 million every year.

Technology april 7, 2012

Modern Storytelling Documents The Family Experience In Real Time

Examples of new technologies that are creating easy ways to record and share today's family events and memories anytime, and anywhere.


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