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[Inspiration] Popular Korean mobile game reflects the drudgery of work
Work december 15, 2015

Gloves Turn Physical Therapy Visits Into Fishing Trips

A hardware-software combo uses gameplay to help patients—young and old—gain or regain muscle control

Design & Architecture february 12, 2014

Foldable DIY Shoes Spur The Economies Of Impoverished Communities

The Klem Project gives us the ultimate open-source shoe.

Design & Architecture january 9, 2014

Cozy Campus Hideout Carved From A Former Parking Lot [Pics]

A group of South Korean architecture students collaborated with a design firm to reclaim a campus space for themselves.

Work january 8, 2014

Pots Mimic Rainfall To Properly Hydrate Plants

These cartoonish plant holders work better than a watering can.

Arts & Culture november 20, 2013

Fabric Buildings Let Visitors Walk Through A 3D Blueprint [Pics]

Artist Do Ho Suh’s newest installation represents the last two places that he lived in a 1:1 replica, building one home inside of the other.

Travel october 24, 2013

High Tech Urban Center Transforms Into A Hotbed Of Contemporary Culture

Seoul’s 24 hour city offers the latest in fashion, art and culinary delights.

Cities august 20, 2013

Mouth-Lifting Plastic Surgery Creates Permanent Smiles

A new plastic surgery trend in South Korea puts a constant smile on patient’s face.

Sustainability july 11, 2013

Salad Notepaper Encourages Imaginative Scribbles [Pics]

Leafy greens won't fill you up, but it will help retain great ideas.

Retail may 28, 2013

Mobile Store Flies To Distant Customers [Video]

Korean discount chain E-mart created a wi-fi enabled truck-shaped balloon that went to every corner of Seoul.

Advertising october 5, 2012

Coca Cola Vending Machine Makes Customers Dance For A Drink [Video]

An interactive vending machine uses the popular game Dance Dance Revolution to dispense sodas.

Syndicated september 27, 2012

The Creator’s Project: Liquid Crystals Transformed Into Interactive Canvas

A monochrome LCD display lets users create patterns with Kinect.

IoT august 6, 2012

Glow In The Dark Skate Park Lets Users Board At All Hours

Korean Artist solves for a common problem with outdoor facilities -- creating enough light at night.

Arts & Culture july 31, 2012

Quirky Sofa With Built-In Tunnels Lets Cats Play While Owners Rest [Pics]

A furniture design that allows pets and owners to co-exist when there's limited space.


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