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Kyle McDonald
Mobile april 24, 2014

Undercover Spy Lamp Tweets Details From Private Conversations

Listening device planted in public locations posts straight to Twitter.

Technology december 18, 2013

Google+ Offers Real-Time Suggestions For Better Video Chatting Manners [Video]

Get more out of your conversation with the help of this facial recognition app.

Technology november 12, 2013

Artist Opens Twitter Account To The Public

In a reflection on Twitter’s recent IPO, artist Kyle McDonald asks what it means to have an online identity.

Arts & Culture december 3, 2012

Speakers Follow Listeners For Optimal Sound

An installation showcases the possibilities for collaboration between music and technology.

Arts & Culture june 11, 2012

Draw Your Own Self Portrait With Your Eyes Closed [Video]

A machine helps users draw with their eyes shut, guiding a pen in their hand and using computer vision to track their face and generate a line drawing.

Design & Architecture may 21, 2012

Draw An Interactive Synth Control Panel On A Piece Of Paper

A simple blank sheet is transformed into an usable interface using simple programming.

Arts & Culture september 22, 2011

Facetracker Hack Can Make You Look Like Brad Pitt [Video]

This software can project pictures on a face and follow every expression and movement users make in real-time.

Technology july 7, 2011

Secret Service Brought In Over Apple Store Web-Cam Art Stunt

An artist hacks computers around New York, including ones at the Apple Store, to make them take photos of the people looking at them, then play those photos as virtual slideshows.

Design & Architecture february 21, 2011

The Internet And Happiness

An Internet art project automatically documents moments when users smile.


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