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Technology may 3, 2016

This Pocket-Sized Device Can Diagnose Cancer In 20 Minutes

Downsizing the laboratory into a handheld device

Luxury may 24, 2013

Spirit Brand Taps Bartenders To Create New Luxury Alcohol [Video]

Inside the UK innovation center, a group will develop and test their ideas before one is chosen to be produced.

Work may 14, 2013

Test-Tube Burger Made Of Lab-Grown Meat

Beef originating from a single cell used to create the first patty straight from science.

Home february 6, 2012

What Is The Science Behind The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie?

A new book called 'The Kitchen as Laboratory' explores science-based cooking.

Arts & Culture september 9, 2009

DIY DNA: The Rise of Biohacking

The tinkering that we now only associate with technology and machines, is emerging within the fields of genetics and biotechnology.

Design & Architecture august 31, 2009

Laboratory: The Process Is The Project

Three artists - sculptor Jock Mooney, filmmaker Steven Eastwood and painter Mia Taylor - have just completed a month-long show/residency at The Gallery at Jerwood Space in London entitled Laboratory.


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