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Interactive Lamp Shivers, Puffs or Deflates Based On Its Surroundings

A Lamp You Only See When You Need It

Artist Crafts Lamps from Actual Loaves of Bread

Lamps Designed to Leverage Atmospheric Elements

Warm Natural Light with Built-In Wireless Charging Pad

Nintendo Desktop Arcade Machine Takes Design Cues from 1930s Lamp

Cement Lamp Can Sit On A Desk, Mount to the Wall or Hang Like a Pendant

DIY Designer Lamp Offers Optimal Functionality with Minimal Parts

Turn Your Favorite Novel Into a Lampshade

Futuristic Lamps Grown from Fungi

Awaken the Senses with Chromatic Light Experiences

‘Favorite Things’ Pendant Lamp Lets You Showcase Adored Mementos

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