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Home january 14, 2014

Light Tripod Turns Any Object Into A Lamp [Pics]

This family of lamps appropriates household objects and may just steal your heart.

Work july 29, 2013

Copper-Lined Lamps Grow Larger Over Time [Pics]

OverNight is a lighting collection featuring stained glass lamps lined with copper strips that get larger when immersed overnight in an electro-plating bath.

Work may 28, 2013

Designers Turn Old Tapes Into Lamps

A collective in Spain transforms used cassettes into useful home items as a tribute to this vintage technology.

Design & Architecture april 10, 2013

Typographic Furniture Collection Lets Owners Mix & Match Letters [Pics]

TABISSO's 'Typographia' offers lounge chairs that incorporate the alphabet from A to Z and numbers 0 to 9.

Paul Foeckler Transforms Fallen Cypress Branches into Beautiful LED Lamps
Lighting at Salone del Mobile 2013
Scuptural Spring Lamps by Kristine Five Melvær
philippe starck: whimsical chapeau light for flos
Technology january 21, 2013

Social Networking Lamps Communicate With Loved Ones

Internet-connected lamps can send messages with light to friends or family members around the world.

Advertising january 2, 2013

Google And BERG Design The Future User Interface [Video]

Experiments with 'smart light' show how we might interact with Google products in a post-screens era.

Work november 26, 2012

Edible Desk Lamp Comes In Multiple Flavors [Pics]

These candy-colored lights made of biodegradable glycerin can be eaten once they are no longer being used.

Design & Architecture august 9, 2012

Salvaged Wood Embedded With LED Lights Glow From The Core [Pics]

Marco Stefanelli creates "natural" lamps from pieces of wood sourced from a local river and lumber mill, embedded with low-energy LEDs.

Arts & Culture march 28, 2012

Artist Collaborates With Bees To Create Honeycomb Works [Pics]

Aganetha Dyck places objects into hives where they are transformed into inventive sculptures.

Home february 20, 2012

Foldable Chandelier Creates Space & Gives Multiple Lighting Options [Pics]

Space-saving lamps offer simplistic designs and functionality.


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