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Retail may 10, 2016

What Does It Look Like When Land Rover Designs A Smartphone?

The range will embody the core values of the brand and launches early 2017

Advertising february 1, 2016

Land Rover’s Real-Time Digital Billboards Make Winter Look Less Miserable

This car company put a dreamy filter on winter scenes, to tempt drivers into the cold

Innovation june 24, 2015

Land Rover Builds Remote Controlled Car Driven By Smartphone

Remote Control Range Rover Sport research vehicle sports spy movie tech that may become a production car feature

Cities june 12, 2015

Land Rover Research Vehicle Aims to Help Everyone Avoid Potholes

Autonomous cars of the future could one day rely on use of a pothole database like Pothole Alert

Luxury may 6, 2015

Jaguar’s Eye-Tracking Tech Windshield Wipes for You

As part of its Driver Monitoring System, Jaguar will perfectly time the swipes of your rear windshield wiper

Design march 18, 2015

Land Rover’s Director of Design on Emotional Connection to Tech

Gerry McGovern discusses how the Modernist design movement inspires contemporary vehicle design

Design february 27, 2015

Land Rover Creates Modern House and Car Pairings

The automaker highlights design links between their vehicles and iconic architecture

Cities march 28, 2014

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Instagram passes Twitter on US mobile users and Kim Dotcom launches political party.

Advertising january 6, 2014

SUV Crosses World’s Largest Desert In Record Time

Land Rover’s new Range Rover Sport speeds across 849 km of burning sand in just over 10 hours. [Partner Content]

Culture november 26, 2013

Tricked-Out Land Rover Doubles As Modern Art Piece [Pics]

Studio Job was commissioned to put their own bizarre spin on the classic 4x4 Defender to celebrate the vehicle's 65th birthday.

Advertising october 25, 2013

PSFK’s Trending Topic: Automakers Lure Buyers In With Games And Movies [Video]

Automobile brands are doing away with traditional ads and are using innovative ways to attract customers.

Advertising october 16, 2013

Adventure Film Employs Smartphones To Control The Action [Video]

Become part of the action with an interactive film from Land Rover that showcases their new 2014 Range Rover Sport.

Cities june 16, 2013

Land Rover Uses Elevated Sculpture To Highlight Lightweight Design

The gravity-defying installation aims to draw attention to engineering advancements.

Cities may 17, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

NASA unveils quantum computing lab, Daft Punk gets HTML5 treatment and Saint Laurent opens a new flagship in Paris...links to start your day with.


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