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Wine With A View, That’s It
Design & Architecture february 10, 2014

Parisian Ads Swapped Out For Classical Masterpieces [Pics]

Guerilla street art brings a bit of high culture to busy city streets.

Cities october 9, 2013

Landscape Crafted From Cigarette Butts Shows Smoking’s Effect On The Environment

Artist Chris Jordan gathered discarded cigarette butts and photographed them to create a piece that looks like a forest.

Arts & Culture september 10, 2013

Perfectly Lined-Up Photos Fuse Landscape And Fashion Shots [Pics]

Two unlikely mediums combined to create a seamless transition from one to the other.

Technology june 28, 2013

Computer Program Generates Flipbooks [Video]

Artist creates automated illustrations and gives them to people wants to keep in touch with.

Design & Architecture november 23, 2012

Geographical Topography Applied To Food In Styrofoam Packaging [Pics]

Stefanie Kerr combines food and geography to create an interesting abstract effect.

Retail may 21, 2010

Gizmo Landscapes: The Journey Of The iPhone

Explore the iPhone's vast array of infrastructures, dataecologies, and device networks.

Work may 11, 2010

Armenia’s Living Hill Building

A conceptual design combines a rural hillside and urban living.


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