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Social Media september 26, 2016

Use Twitter To Learn A New Language

tDict is an app that uses the social media platform to help you search for words in local dialects

Arts & Culture september 15, 2016

The First Chatbot For Learning Languages

The bot can hold a conversation in 33 different tongues and respond with an inviting, human-like voice

Work july 6, 2016

How To Amplify Your Company’s Communication Using AI

Textio utilizes data and learning loops to help hiring leads write the right words

Education june 30, 2016

This Instagram Account Will Teach You To Speak Another Language

Make your social media habit more productive and scroll through this feed filled with Japanese flashcards

Technology june 16, 2016

Researchers Crowdsource The Evolution Of The English Language

A dialect app maps the evolution of words and phrases through data

Health june 8, 2016

How Visual Language Can Help Us Better Understand Scientific Breakthroughs

Service matches neuroscientists and designers to translate research into illustrations

We Need New Pronouns That Cover Gender-Specific Robots (Quartz)
Design & Architecture january 2, 2015

Icon-Based Language Project to Simplify Communication

Icon-based communication system pushes the edges of graphic design

Sustainability august 28, 2014

How Technology Is Decoding the Secret Language of Nature

Sensors embedded within infrastructure and environment alike are lending a dynamic voice to the world we live in.

Mobile august 13, 2014

Learning a New Language to Program Your World

The Internet of Things is all about being able to customize your environment. With more user-friendly interfaces, those controls are simpler than ever.

Gaming & Play august 11, 2014

Robot Pet Dogs In Japan Translate Barks into Japanese

Poochie, a robotic toy dog developed by Sega Toys, interacts with owners through a translation system

Innovation may 12, 2014

Video Chats Connect American Seniors With Brazilian English Learners [Video]

Ad agency creates touching exchanges between English learners and lonely US seniors.

Mobile april 3, 2014

Learn A New Language By Browsing The Web

New app and web extension translates and saves foreign words as you read.

Work april 2, 2014

Real-Time Translation Device Unlocks Dolphin Language

Can CHAT translate dolphins' clicks and whistles into intelligible words?


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