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Technology august 15, 2013

Highly-Detailed Maps Of A Completely Fictional Country [Pics]

Ian Silva created an entire nation called the Koana Islands, complete with maps, state flags, baseball leagues and an upcoming national language.

Work july 2, 2013

Hand-Held Device Links Paramedics With Live Translators

ELSA is a portable device that aims to eliminate miscommunication by instantly connecting users with skilled interpretors.

Retail may 31, 2013

Guide Helps Ikea Customers Pronounce Swedish Product Names

'Ikea In Swedish' is a website that offers audio recordings of popular items names from the store.

Arts & Culture april 29, 2013

Illustrated Characters Aid Chinese Language Learning

Chineasy is a visual-based learning system that helps users learn a new language.

Innovation february 14, 2013

Computer Algorithm Reconstructs Ancient Languages Better Than Humans

Program opens up the possibility of large-scale recreation of certain dialects.

Advertising december 29, 2012

George Parker: My 2013 Prediction, Ad Land Continues To Puke English

As the year draws to a close, we ask author and tastemaker George Parker what he thinks will dominate in 2013.

Syndicated november 27, 2012

Former Oxford Dictionary Editor Secretly Deleted Thousand Of Words

Efforts to rewrite the dictionary in the 70s and 80s to omit entries with foreign origins described as 'really shocking' by Sarah Ogilvie in a new tell-all book.

Design & Architecture november 20, 2012

Talking Street Signs Help Tourists Pronounce Danish Street Names

Design students created karaoke-style electronic signs to teach visitors the pronunciation of Copenhagen roads.

Technology october 17, 2012

Site Highlights The Truths & Lies Of Presidential Debates In Real-Time

Obama or Romney? ReConstitution 2012 measures the sentiments of each political candidate live.

Syndicated april 2, 2012

Artificial Intelligence: No Longer Chasing The Human Dream

The hunt for AI is moving in a direction that involves creativity, language – and even jazz.

Arts & Culture february 29, 2012

Can Facebook Save A Dying Language?

A group of researchers are putting social media to use in a new way, as a tool to save endangered and marginalized languages.

Travel february 7, 2012

New Startup Promises To Be The Chat Roulette Of Language Learning

Verbling is a new online service creates spontaneous dialogues between random pairs who want to become proficient in new languages.

Retail january 30, 2012

Selfridges Creates Interactive Store Display To Celebrate The Power Of Words

The UK department store has launched an immersive experience to inspire discussion and reflection on the complexities and creative possibilities of the English language.

Gaming & Play january 5, 2012

Sensor Embedded Kitchen Utensils ‘Gamifies’ Cooking For Future Chefs [Future Of Gaming]

The French Digital Kitchen is an innovative cooking environment that features cooking utensils and ingredient containers with digitally embedded sensors alongside interactive displays, which track and evaluate a student’s activity.


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