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Technology may 31, 2016

A Robot Can Help Teach You Spanish

Tega mirrors students' responses to be an emotionally intelligent tutor in the class-room

Technology may 23, 2016

Earpiece Can Translate Foreign Languages On The Fly

The Pilot lets you nestle a personal interpreter directly into your ear canal

march 10, 2014

Educational Robot Mimics Computer Programming In Real Life

This little robot kit makes an easy jump from Lego to Javascript.

Travel september 5, 2013

Augmented Reality Passport Keeps Traveling Children Entertained

A multi-faceted app makes it easy to keep kids occupied and teach them new languages.

Design & Architecture july 18, 2013

Library Shelves Display Different Languages Based On Your View [Pics]

Designer Chat Travieso’s 'Word Play' installation displays the word “Library” in English, Spanish, and Chinese, depending on where the viewer is.

Work february 17, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week, from an app that lets ladies critique their men to another that gives the slothful a vicarious social life.

Syndicated september 5, 2012

A History of British Accents & Book Design in Xalapa [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares a presentation exploring the 'branding' of English men and celebrates reaching the milestone of presentations from 100 global cities.

Mobile february 10, 2012

Siri Will Be Fluent In Mandarin, Japanese And Russian By March [Headlines]

Apple's latest smart phone will be able to speak three of the world's most popular languages soon.

Technology march 30, 2011

Universal Translator Edges Ever Nearer To Reality

First real-time translation app helps halt communication breakdowns.

Arts & Culture february 25, 2009

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