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Travel august 12, 2016

HP Backpack Can Fully Recharge Your Laptop While On the Go

The portable charger provides an easy way to stay connected without having to find a power outlet

Work july 19, 2016

Turn Your Phone Into A Laptop With This Device

The Superbook lets you use your mobile phone as a fully-fledged laptop, perfect for travelers or people on the go without a lot of space

Mobile november 10, 2015

Laptops Are Changing the Face of Office Furniture Design

A recent collaboration between The Good Mod and Airbnb points at a growing trend in office design for the laptop-wielding workforce

Gaming & Play october 20, 2014

Build Yourself a Raspberry Pi Laptop

No expertise necessary, just $300 or so for a kit to construct a machine all your own

Luxury october 17, 2014

Flippable Second Screen Acts as Your Laptop’s Missing Half

A new group of free-floating devices lets you take all your screen space with you

Technology may 9, 2013

Casetop Turns Phone Into An Instant Laptop

The device has an LED backlit LCD screen, full-size keyboard, and built-in 56 Wh battery.

Design & Architecture january 10, 2013

Intel Unveils Laptop Of The Future

To highlight its Fourth Generation of Core processors, the tech revealed a convertible computer/tablet.

Syndicated january 9, 2013

Future Of Computer Interaction Blossoms With The Ultrabook Tree [CES]

The Intel booth at CES features a towering structure composed of 176 Ultrabook computers, as written on IQ for Intel.

Retail november 12, 2012

Intel IQ: How Convertible Gadgets Are Changing Electronics

Devices that are able to combine multiple functions will help reduce clutter and ultimately be the way forward.

Advertising october 14, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week, including reading gravestones with QR Codes and an app that lets you check for cancerous moles.

Technology october 8, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon hands out loans to small businesses, Tumblr is taking a day off, digital tipping at Starbucks and the Steve Jobs 1-year memorial...Links to start your day with.

Arts & Culture september 18, 2012

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Intel shoots for no energy computing by 2020, new children's headphones protect hearing, and the first ever color film restored in the UK ...Links to start your day with.

Work september 10, 2012

Concrete Stand Keeps Laptop From Overheating [Pics]

Designer Greg Papove proves that functionality isn't necessarily all about portability.

Work july 2, 2012

Laptop Bag Unfolds Into A Workstation And Chair [Pics]

Work anywhere comfortably with this hybrid briefcase and portable office furniture.


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