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Design & Architecture february 24, 2014

Laser Beams Help Stock Traders Do Rapid-Fire Business

Light beams mounted on the tops of buildings could soon carry messages about rising and falling prices.

Work may 13, 2013

Light Architecture Inspired By Leonardo Da Vinci [Pics]

New exhibition uses rooms as the canvas for these illuminated works.

Technology september 18, 2012

Safety Light Creates A Laser Bike Lane For Cyclists [Video]

XFire has created a lighting system to make bikers more visible to traffic at night.

Advertising march 23, 2012

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

We review the best in design, culture, art and fashion and creative business in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Innovation march 20, 2012

The Reverse 3D Printer Erases Content On Paper

New innovation could be 20 times more efficient than recycling as it allows users to unprint.

Luxury september 9, 2011

BMW Developing Laser Vehicle Headlights

The next step in vehicle headlight technology will see the addition of laser technology.

Innovation april 22, 2011

Lasers To End The Need For Sparkplugs [Headlines]

Internal combustion engines are likely to remain in widespread use for some time yet, but it's possible that we may be bidding adieu to that most iconic of engine parts, the spark plug.

Design & Architecture march 4, 2011

Laser Tractor Beam Now A Possibility?

Using a Bessel Beam, a group of physicists foresee the realization of an age-old sci-fi device.

Travel february 22, 2011

Anti-Laser Technology Makes Its Debut

A new discovery with implications in the fields of radiology, optical computing and even 'time travel' was recently discovered and demonstrated by scientists at Yale University.

Arts & Culture november 9, 2010

Laser Cut Toast Animation (Video)

OK Go and Geoff Mcfetridge team up to create an animated short using an unusual medium.

Sustainability september 15, 2010

Micro Video Projector Can Be Integrated Into Cellphones

A miniature projection device consumes less power than similar handheld projectors and promises to have applications in various fields.

Advertising august 9, 2010

Back In: A DIY Laser-Cut Vinyl Record

An unconventional method of handcrafting sound loops produces a unique audio-visual artifact.

Innovation june 2, 2010

Hoverboard No Longer A Sci-Fi Fantasy

French artist Nils Guadagnin has created a working prototype of an iconic piece of fictional technology.

Technology may 20, 2010

Music Transmitted Over A Laser Beam

The LASER transmitter/receiver project uses inexpensive parts to accomplish optical communication.


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