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[News] Fake lawsuits leveraged to take down or deindex unwanted web content
[Insight] Old regulations can’t keep up with evolving computer algorithms
[News] IBM’s AI legal program has been hired by its first law firm
[Insight] Digital encryption is a battleground between tech, legislature and law enforcement
Work november 11, 2013

Coca-Cola To Cut Off Suppliers Who Disrespect Land Rights

Drinks firm announces zero-tolerance policy on land-grabbing in developing countries.

Innovation june 21, 2013

Are Anti-Sexual Assault Products The Answer To Rape Culture?

In our battle against the pervasive societal emphasis on sexual violence, these one-off items for women might not be the best strategy.

Technology april 8, 2013

Dan Gillmor: In Our Digital World We License, Not Own

Corporations and lawmakers have put us on course for a world where consumers do not own the things they buy.

Mobile march 15, 2013

Big Data: For The Greater Good Or An Invasion Of Privacy?

There are benign uses of data-mining, but for most of us the bigger issue is protection from corporate and state snooping.

Home february 26, 2013

Courtroom Photograph Captures Pistorius’ Pain

An arresting image from Olympian Pistorius' trial expresses the South African's emotional turmoil as he faces allegations that he murdered his girlfriend.

Technology february 11, 2013

Is Social Media Compromising The Judicial System?

The British Attorney General is worried that members of the Jury are trusting case news disseminated on the Internet rather than in court.

Work february 7, 2013

Is Michael Moore Taking On Obama?

Moore supporting activists who have mounted a case against the Obama administration seeking change on civil liberties issues.

Cities january 17, 2013

Pill Bottles With GPS Devices Will Track Drug Thieves

The NYPD cracks down on theft of painkillers by using "fake" bottles.

Technology december 20, 2012

Is The Entertainment Industry Actually Causing Piracy?

Cory Doctorow discusses how If companies refuse to release films or TV shows in US and UK at same time, they only have themselves to blame for piracy.

Work december 18, 2012

UK Police Setting Up Intellectual Property Crime Unit

New measures are aimed at specifically prosecuting copyright infringement.


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