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Technology september 6, 2013

Remote Control Harness Lets Owners Control Their Dogs From Afar

Virtual commands sent through could improve the safety of K9 units exposed to dangerous situations.

Sustainability august 9, 2013

Sneakers With Headlights To Keep Joggers Safe

Concept sneakers with built-in sensors can detect environmental hazards and light the path ahead.

Mobile may 10, 2013

Electronic Dog Nose Can Sniff Out Drugs & Explosives

Vaporsens could accurately detect narcotics and dangerous substances for increased security.

Mobile april 3, 2012

Mobile Networks Charge Cops A Few Hundred Dollars To Locate Someone, $2,200 To Listen In [Headlines]

Mobile phone tracking has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local police officials.

Innovation january 13, 2012

iPad Technology Can Help Catch Speeding Drivers

This portable tablet device can assist police officers in catching more lawbreakers.

Work august 16, 2011

Agents Used To Track Terrorists Join The Hunt For London Rioters [Headlines]

One of the biggest hurdles of identifying the London rioters is the high level encryption messaging of BlackBerry that they used to mobilize themselves. The government has enlisted security services used to catch terrorists to help track down the looters.

Advertising august 4, 2011

Second Life Authorities: Can I See Your I.D. Please?

Researches say the growing number of virtual characters in online communities has created a need to identify the real people behind aliases for marketing research and law enforcement purposes.

Cities march 16, 2011

A Multimedia 911 Emergency Service In Chicago

Residents can now submit added media to the dispatch and crime prevention center, with relevant clips and images held and possibly used as evidence.

IoT february 10, 2011

Surveillance Robot Can Detect Breathing Through Concrete Walls

The Cougar20-H device can track both movement and motionless living objects at a distance.


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