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Technology december 13, 2012

2013’s Big Device Combines E-Reader And Phone In One

YotaPhone is a dual purpose gadget, which has an LCD display on one side and an E-Ink display on the other.

Innovation december 7, 2012

LCD Contact Lenses To Rival Google Glasses [Video]

A prototype that can superimpose images onto the user's normal view.

Technology november 23, 2012

Paper Grocery Price Labels Replaced With LCD Displays

Instead of having to print out new signs when food items go on sale or change price, ZBD Solutions offers low-power screens.

Arts & Culture november 9, 2012

MasterCard Introduces Credit Card With Touchscreen Keyboard

The interactive payment card has an embedded LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons for entering one-time passwords.

Retail september 24, 2011

Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 9

A Bing Initiative: A weekly round-up of the top ten most popular posts on PSFK--from culture to technology, art to business, this list has it all.

Design & Architecture september 24, 2011

Smart Goggles Enable Swimmers To Track And Record Their Pace

A concept design allows swimmer to track and augment their training regimen while in the water.


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