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[News] Google finds new ways for AI to learn without seeing personal data
[Insight] Homework-less classrooms reemphasize learnings from family time
Education july 19, 2016

A Watch That Can Actually Teach Your Kids About Good Habits

The icon-based device compels children to learn the importance of time, independence and scheduling

Arts & Culture may 19, 2016

Matchmaking Service Connects People Looking For Knowledge Instead Of Dates

'Brain dating' service pairs like-minded people to share skills and wisdom

Work march 15, 2016

Hands-On Coding for Toddlers, No Screens or Reading Required

A new way to teach kids computer skills, before they can even read a book

Design & Architecture march 9, 2016

STEAM Kits Prepare Kids for Jobs that Don't Yet Exist

New littleBits kits explore creativity through electronic building blocks

Sustainability june 3, 2015

Hyper-Targeted Learning is Letting Busy Adults Pursue Continued Education

15-minute courses and topical email series are giving on-the-go students the educational malleability their busy lives demand

Technology january 23, 2015

Spello Sound Mat Helps Active Children Read with Stomping

Spelling Stomp game lets toddlers stomp out words in an active, interactive game

Partner Content september 25, 2014

Alternative Learning Is Transplanting Traditional Education for Makers

Alternative curricula are expanding the collective know-how of the maker community and providing valuable insights for inventors at any stage of their project

Sustainability july 30, 2014

Neglected Spaces Strategically Redesigned to Foster 21st Century Creative Thinking

No Right Brain Left Behind and Green Dot Public Schools convert an uninspired, underused public library into a modern space fit for 21st century learning

Work june 9, 2014

The Unexpected Ways That Tablets Are Enriching Learning Experiences

Mobile devices are playing a pivotal role in learning by giving teachers and students access to highly engaging and interactive materials.

Design & Architecture may 5, 2014

School Develops A New Way To Teach Handwriting For The Digital World

This font keeps kids from copying handwriting habits from printed text.

Arts & Culture january 15, 2014

Music-Playing Wristband Cements Long-Term Memories

San Francisco-based Sheepdog Sciences has created a device that helps you learn while sleeping.

Advertising september 24, 2013

High School-Organized TED Talks Inject Inspiration Into Traditional Curriculum [Video]

Silicon Valley high school students offer a new take on learning.


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