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Asia october 6, 2016

Basketball Court Created Out Of LED Lights

Sports enthusiasts in Japan will now enjoy a multicolored spectacle when watching their favorite teams play

Design & Architecture september 27, 2016

Watch The World’s Tallest Building Become An LED Display

Burj Khalifa gives a backstage look at how the transformation came to be

Home june 13, 2016

Phone-Powered Lamp Is Lit Entirely By Your Device’s LED

Lampless lamp uses your phone as a source of light and can be controlled by hand gestures

Work march 4, 2016

Be the Brightest Networker With Light-Up LED Business Cards

Illuminated with etched light, these business cards are almost too lovely to hand out

Technology november 21, 2014

Shining a Light on an Object May Replace the Ugly QR Code

Fujitsu creates a light labeling system to transmit info on an item to a smart device

Home november 20, 2014

Beautiful LED Lamps with a Steampunk Vibe

These showstopping light sources are the perfect blend of technology and the Victorian era aesthetic

Innovation november 19, 2014

Water Watcher Device Monitors Consumption via Sink in Real-time

Smart Design’s gadget displays how much water is being used in the home via an LED indicator and an app

IoT november 12, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Elon Musk promises a micro-satellite fleet, AT&T reverses course on in-flight web access and Alibaba rakes in billions on its own version of Cyber Monday

Technology november 7, 2014

Futuristic Hi-Viz Sportswear Brings Both Security and Stylishness

Kickstarter campaign for LED-embedded T-shirt with 360 degree visibility for day and night time

Work november 7, 2014

Warm Natural Light with Built-In Wireless Charging Pad

Aerelight is an elegant task lamp with an OLED light panel that provides light without the need of a bulb to replace

Technology october 24, 2014

Orfos Flares Offer Higher Visibility for Cyclists

A new Kickstarted bicycle light can improve a cyclist's vision with a lamp as bright as a car's headlights

Mobile october 24, 2014

Fashion Jewelry Fuses Nature, The Ancient, Nature & Tech

An all-female design team works to combine functionality and fashion for the wearable tech industry

Sustainability october 24, 2014

Multitasking LED Lightbulb Provides Ambient Light, Music

The eTiger Cosmic lightbulb adds music to its environmental offerings

Technology october 22, 2014

Fitguard Mouthpiece Combines Protection with Education

Put your mouthpiece in and listen up, FitGuard works to increase awareness of dangerous, long-term head injuries


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