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Work october 16, 2014

Interactive Beer Pong Tables Suspend Balls in Air

Beer pong goes high-tech with Penumbra Tables

Innovation october 14, 2014

Robotic Mouse Gives Indoor Cats a Workout

A start-up has unveiled a working prototype to give fat, lazy, and otherwise bored cats a bit of hunting action

Luxury october 13, 2014

Prepare for Weather, Wilderness and Zombies with a Compact LED Canister

The durable flashlight/beacon/compass-in-one is packed with survival necessities

Sustainability october 10, 2014

Look Through Pixels by Way of Programmable LED Glasses

RGB Shades are hackable shutter shades with a bright full-color array

Arts & Culture october 10, 2014

Awaken the Senses with Chromatic Light Experiences

The concept of mycoocoon is based on research in chromotherapy, aromatherapy, lighting, furniture design, and music

Sustainability october 10, 2014

‘Favorite Things’ Pendant Lamp Lets You Showcase Adored Mementos

The uniquely-designed household product lets users display favorite items in a transparent tank that serves as a light fixture

Technology october 8, 2014

Philips LED Light Rallies Against Psoriasis

The technology giant has developed specialized lighting that helps alleviate symptoms of the skin disease

Luxury october 8, 2014

Nearly Indestructible Handheld Laser Light Lets You Channel Your Inner Jedi

A laser so powerful it's even got cipher-locked SmartSwitch technology

News october 8, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Google and several others launch 'Collectively' sustainability platform, eBay and Sotheby's team up on a live auction site and three scientists nab the Nobel Prize in physics for LED advancements

Mobile october 2, 2014

Flameless LED Candles Put Color Control at Your Fingertips

PLAYBULB lets users commandeer their ambiance by using an app

Work october 2, 2014

LED Tree Swing Creates Evening Light Show

Electroluminescent tape and hi-tech lighting help adults rediscover their inner child

Cities october 2, 2014

Pop-Up NYC Studio Explores Intersection of Music, Art and Technology

Installation offers kinetic-censored spatial exploration of New York City sounds

Design & Architecture october 2, 2014

Brain Sensor Cap Illuminates Colors of Thought

Animating technology lights up events such as NY Fashion Week, endorses 'extimacy'

Cities october 1, 2014

Digital Tipis Clad in LED Lights Project Curated Collection of Sounds, Images

Neon Nomads installation for Art & About Sydney represents artistic visions of humanity and technology


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