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Technology april 7, 2016

Bring Your LEGO Creations To Life With Small Electrical Conductors

These creative blocks help teach children the fundamentals of electrical engineering

Cities march 10, 2016

LEGO Takes Down Gender Stereotypes With Upcoming Collection

New toy set features never-before-released minifigures that mirror the real world

Design february 16, 2016

Monument Valley Embarks onto the LEGO World

The magical and mysterious world of a mobile game may take on new life as a play set

Advertising february 2, 2016

LEGO Takes On Cultural Perceptions with Wheelchair Figure

This wheelchair-using character can help children understand diversity

Design january 29, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Empowered Legos, Inclusive Barbies and Friendly Drones Take The Stage

Kickstart your day with airplane-buddy drones and a livestream Facebook post

Cities january 8, 2016

Build New York City, LEGO Architecture Brick By Brick

New York's skyline is just one of many model landmarks in this new LEGO series

Design january 7, 2016

LEGO Robotics Kit Lets Kids Code Their Way to Mars

An educational division at the toy company created a system that allows blossoming developers to explore the Amazon rainforest and more

Cities july 28, 2015

Fixing a Baroque Theatre Fire Destroyed with LEGOs

As part of a summer workshop dubbed Villa Pennisi in Musica, students are challenged to design theatre acoustics with LEGO Architecture

Home july 7, 2015

Light Up Your LEGO World

Build-Upons incorporate LEDs into LEGO-compatible bricks

Culture june 9, 2015

Apple Watch Charging Stations Crafted From LEGOs

Toy designers make cheap and quirky stands for the Apple wrist accessory

Culture june 3, 2015

When LEGO and Minecraft Snap Together

LEGO Worlds is an open-world sandbox game featuring limitless generated landscapes made entirely of LEGO bricks

Culture may 8, 2015

Google Street View Gets LEGO-ized

Brick Street View is a Google Map hack that layers the world's favorite play thing onto your destination

Culture april 24, 2015

Plastic Caps Connect with LEGO to Save the Planet

Brazilian company Clever Pack designs reusable tops for water bottles that double as building bricks

Design april 23, 2015

Snappy Fashion Accessories Made of LEGOs

Etsy shop Agabag sells beautiful purses, jewelry and lamps made entirely of the toy brick


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