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Technology november 9, 2016

Fully Functional 3D-Printed Camera Shoots On 35mm Film

A designer's exploration resulted in a device made to record moments, while also looking at the creation of the recorder itself

Cities september 2, 2013

Camera Add-On Turns The iPhone Into A Spy Periscope

New gadget enables users to take straight-on photographs in texting position.

Work june 28, 2013

Contact Lens Turns The Human Eye Into a Telescope

Researchers have created a potential solution to prevent the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Design & Architecture may 31, 2013

Room-Sized Camera Obscura Brings The Outdoors Inside

A photography series transforms interiors into otherwordly environments through projection.

Arts & Culture december 20, 2012

Analog Instagram Filter Wheel For DSLR Cameras

This accessory allows photographers to take lo-fi pictures inspired by the Holga camera.

Technology october 31, 2012

X-Ray Vision-Like Technology Helps People See Through Frosted Glass

Scientists have developed a way for us to have Superman's powers by de-scattering the light passing through a material and reconstructing it in to a clear three-dimensional image.

Technology october 24, 2012

App Automatically Sharpens Blurry Images To Bring Out The Tiniest Details

SmartDeblur corrects and enhances images by eliminating motion and lens murkiness.

Design & Architecture august 22, 2012

Photographer Turns Delivery Truck Into A Giant Pinhole Camera [Video]

Ian Ruhter shoots beautiful film photographs using an ordinary vehicle.

Mobile july 19, 2012

Mobile Case Lets Users Shoot With A DSLR Lens On Their iPhone [Pics]

A simple way to turn a smartphone into a professional camera.

Arts & Culture february 22, 2012

Focus-Free Camera Snaps What The Human Eye Sees

The Lytro could change increase the level of visual accuracy of photographs.

Technology february 14, 2012

Barbie Doll Camera Displays Your Pictures On Her Chest

Iconic doll given a tech makeover and can now take and display pictures.

Arts & Culture january 18, 2012

3-In-1 Clip-On Lens Turns Your iPhone Into A Fully Functional Camera

The Olloclip adds more range and perspective to the built-in smatphone capabilities.

Design & Architecture march 23, 2011

Bokeh Lens Filters Turn Blurry Photos Into Art [Pics]

Innovative technology for your SLR creates a graphic-like design in your photos.

Technology september 16, 2010

Wearable Technology: Simple Glasses Offer Virtual 3D Displays

This minimalist head mounted display can project a 60-inch floating color screen within the user's field of vision.


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