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USA november 21, 2016

Lexus Creates A Sriracha Car For Los Angeles Auto Show

The manufacturer has created an unusual Sriracha car to prove it's the hottest automobile around

Design & Architecture september 22, 2016

Lexus Car Seat Concept Made With Synthetic Spider Silk

The web-inspired chair promises more stable vision while the vehicle is moving

Luxury august 24, 2016

Lexus Commissions Fashion Designer To Create Auto Show Wardrobe

The runway meets the roadway in a new automotive design collaboration

Sustainability april 19, 2016

Could This Material Derived From Seaweed Replace Plastic?

The packaging solution we need might be hiding in plain sight

Innovation january 13, 2016

2016 Detroit Auto Show: A Quick Look at Quiet Luxury and Marketplace Retorts

Acura stands up to competitors by breaking new design ground and a bespoke American supercar is born

Work january 12, 2016

2016 Detroit Auto Show Opens With Hydrogen Power and Pre-Loaded Entertainment

From minivans to sleek coupes to full-blown performance cars, no vehicle category was left untouched or unchanged

Home december 24, 2015

Best of 2015 NYC Holiday Retail Windows

PSFK's annual survey of design-centric retail windows includes Louis Vuitton, Barneys and littleBits, and features anthropomorphic furniture, live ice sculpting, and a crushed car

Luxury october 9, 2015

Lexus Trades In Sheet Metal for Driveable Cardboard

Full-sized sculpture comprised of 1,700 precision-cut card pieces features a fully fitted interior, functioning doors, and rolling wheels

Technology august 6, 2015

The Lexus Hoverboard is Real, Watch the First Ride

A specially designed skatepark was created to allow the superconductive skateboard Slide to be ridden

Travel july 23, 2015

Hoverboard Designed By Lexus Gets Special Skate Park

A special skate park for hoverboards may herald a new future in recreation as reported by Spanish website El Patín.

Technology june 30, 2015

Lexus Hoverboard Video Teases Superconductive Skateboarding

The Slide looks to be the holy grail for Back to the Future fans, but is it real?

Cities march 5, 2015

Solar Eclipse Illuminates Lexus Compact City Car

Lexus designers looked beyond themselves to visually maximize the Lexus LF-SA concept

Luxury november 4, 2014

How Lexus Ditched Bland for a Risk-Taking Design Philosophy

Take a look at how the automaker went from one design extreme to the other, safe to polarizing

Arts & Culture october 27, 2014

Lexus Will Premiere Two Short Films Exploring Theme ‘Life Is Amazing’

The automaker will provide exclusive access to its Twitter fans by showcasing the short films to its social media followers first


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