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Work march 20, 2015

Libraries are Undergoing a Revival as Apartment Buildings

Developers keen to offer a unique living amenity are injecting new life to an old institution

Technology june 30, 2014

New York Public Library To Loan Internet To Low Income Card Holders

The library system is planning to lend wireless hotspot devices to visitors in need of connectivity.

Luxury december 12, 2013

12 Things You Need to Know Today

JetBlue is finally launching Wifi, public Wi-Fi comes to Harlem, and Norway's public library is putting all its books online for free.

may 28, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Hospital uses Vine to show brain surgery, an ethically-sourced smartphone and a 3D printed ear that's better than the original.

Design & Architecture april 29, 2013

Abandoned Turkish Bath Transformed Into Pop-Up LIbrary

A 16th century hammam became a temporary archive hall for the Center for Contemporary Art of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Syndicated april 11, 2013

E-lending Could Be The Future Of Libraries

A government-commissioned report has allayed fears that digital lending could damage the book industry.

Home february 5, 2013

Library Starts Seed Sharing Program Among Patrons

Colorado institution attempts to pioneer a program to draw in readers and put them in touch with nature.

Technology january 15, 2013

Bookless Library To Open In Texas

The new BiblioTech library in San Antonio looks like an Apple Store and will have zero physical books, with it’s content all housed digitally.

Retail october 24, 2012

14 Stories You Need To Know Today

The iPad mini is announced, IKEA will be fully sustainable by 2020, and smartphone owners are more likely to vote for Obama.... Links to start your day with.

Arts & Culture june 29, 2012

Mini-Libraries In Colombian Parks Act As Tutoring Hot Spots

There are over 100 of these literary kiosks across the country, which give people access to books, organize activities and homework assistance for children.

september 13, 2011

Authors Sue To Remove Books From Digital Archive [Headlines]

Three major authors’ groups filed a lawsuit against HathiTrust, arguing that digitizing millions of books violated copyrights.

Mobile may 26, 2011

Informal Book Exchange Housed In A Phone Booth [Video]

Phoneboox is a book exchange housed in a UK phone booth fallen into disuse.

Advertising april 21, 2011

Amazon To Let Local Libraries Lend E-Books

Readers will now be able to borrow books from libraries using only their Kindles

Sustainability april 20, 2011

Android Augmented Reality App For Organizing Books [Video]

Researchers present experimental tool designed for item tracking and inventory management in libraries.


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