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Retail october 18, 2016

Canada’s First “Library Of Things” Opens Its Doors

The Sharing Depot in Toronto lends out things like toys, power tools, camping equipment and more

Sustainability july 26, 2016

This Library’s Sweet New Design Uses Ice Cream Tubs As Walls

A new building in Indonesia uses cheap, durable buckets to turn an old stage into a safe space for learning

Arts & Culture december 8, 2014

Pop-Up Library Brings Information and Entertainment to Emergency Zones

Ideas Box providing information, education and entertainment in five refugee camps during initial trial

Home november 3, 2014

Survivor Library Preps for Post-Tech Apocalypse

After civilization's inevitable technological collapse, this data-bank of skills may help us rebuild

Innovation july 30, 2014

Neglected Spaces Strategically Redesigned to Foster 21st Century Creative Thinking

No Right Brain Left Behind and Green Dot Public Schools convert an uninspired, underused public library into a modern space fit for 21st century learning

Design & Architecture january 3, 2014

Motion-Sensing Book Sculpture Follows Library Patrons As They Enter

Bristol Library has installed a moving book sculpture that reacts to people passing by it.

Cities november 1, 2013

Library Features Shelves That Are Meant To Be Climbed [Pics]

Conarte's library has geometric shelving and carpeted surfaces to encourage play and learning.

Technology september 6, 2013

Netflix-Style Library Offers E-Book Access For A Flat Fee

Oyster is an iPhone app that gives users access to more than 100,000 books from leading publishers at a monthly rate.

Mobile july 5, 2013

NFC-Tagged Library Helps Readers Find The Right Books

A Japanese library has collaborated with Fujitsu to make it easier for people to get information about books.

Gaming & Play june 7, 2013

Public Library Encourages Teens To Hang Out [Pics]

Harlem library invites youth to interact without adult scrutiny.

Work may 22, 2013

Suspended Boxes Transform Trees Into A Free Library

New project aims to promote free access to reading.

Home april 18, 2013

Giant Stairway Has Built-In Library And Slide

A house in South Korea puts the fun back into reading.

Technology march 4, 2013

Light Installation Visualizes Real-Time Searches Of Library Goers [Video]

Hundreds of optic cables used to illustrate the collective curiosity of daily queries.

Technology december 20, 2012

Google Digitizes Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls [Video]

Biblical artifacts are now available online and can be accessed by anyone.


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