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Advertising november 24, 2015

In Peru, Plant Lamps Provide Light to a Small Jungle Village

A Peruvian engineering university created 10 lamps powered by photosynthesis to provide clean energy to a remote village

Design november 9, 2015

Give Yourself a Mental Boost by Installing a Fake Skylight

LED panels featuring realistic scenes of nature create a calming effect in windowless rooms

Design june 16, 2014

Embedded LEDs Turn Electrical Outlets Into Night Lights

The SnapRays Guidelight replaces a standard cover and features a light sensor for automatic illumination in the dark.

Design may 19, 2014

Flexible Light Helps People Find Keys And Wallet In Their Giant Bags [Pics]

This geometric, soft light hits the sweet spot between functionality and whimsy.

Culture march 6, 2014

Colorful Solar Cells May Lead To Energy-Harvesting Home Decor

A group of researchers rethinks the stained glass window for an energy-conscious future.

Advertising february 25, 2014

Wall Installation Flutters At The Sight Of Passersby [Video]

Artist’s new project taps into the current responsive architecture trend.

Design february 24, 2014

Laser Beams Help Stock Traders Do Rapid-Fire Business

Light beams mounted on the tops of buildings could soon carry messages about rising and falling prices.

Design january 14, 2014

Light Tripod Turns Any Object Into A Lamp [Pics]

This family of lamps appropriates household objects and may just steal your heart.

Cities october 24, 2013

Glowing Crystals Create Interactive Flickering Light Fields

A Dutch design studio has created thousands of flickering crystal tokens that can be rearranged endlessly and prompt participants to think about light outside of the bulb.

Advertising october 6, 2013

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

A 12-year-old talks marketing while a submarine surfaces through a city street. We round up this week's top ideas.

Cities october 4, 2013

Microalgae Lamp Offers A Sustainable Way To Light Up Streets [Video]

Green-glowing lamps created by French biochemist emit light while they consume carbon dioxide.

Design september 30, 2013

Curated Parcel Creates Design Items Out Of Traditional Survival Tools

Secretive subscription service gives people everything they need to deal with the unexpected.

Design september 23, 2013

Spinning TV Monitor Creates 3D Light Sculptures In Mid-Air [Video]

Student designers push the boundaries of the traditional function of television.

Advertising september 22, 2013

Piers Fawkes: Exploring The Vast Potential Of Light

PSFK's Future of Light report showcases innovations that improve lives, build communities, and connect people in new and meaningful ways.


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