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Design & Architecture may 1, 2013

Parallel Ray Street Lamps Will Curb Light Pollution

LED design proposal that is a three-part lighting fixture could make a big impact on lowering the level of excess energy.

Cities april 23, 2013

Time-Lapse Video Demonstrates The Dangers Of Light Pollution

The creative agency Super Frog Saves Tokyo uses light painting techniques for a hard-hitting visual about the night sky.

Work january 3, 2013

Photographer Captures Cities Free Of Light Pollution [Pics]

Thierry Cohen gives a glimpse of the primordial night sky when all the lights are turned off.

Technology october 15, 2010

Nightly Overexposure To Light May Lead To Obesity

A recent study reveals that too much light at can be a risk factor for weight gain.

Sustainability july 5, 2010

Reflecting The Stars Diffuses NYC's Light Pollution

A new installation from The Windmill Factory will spread awareness and education about obscuring the night sky.

Design & Architecture october 5, 2009

Light Pollution and the Disappearing Dark

The City Dark is an upcoming film that looks at light pollution, and the disappearance of the nighttime.


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