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Technology november 14, 2014

Smart Nightlight Connects You to Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 24/7

The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight brings these life-saving devices into the 21st century

Work november 14, 2014

Artist Crafts Lamps from Actual Loaves of Bread

Japanese artist brings her foodie passion into the home in a yeast inspired home decor collection

Luxury november 11, 2014

Lamps Designed to Leverage Atmospheric Elements

Designer Arturo Erbsman creates handmade lighting objects that incorporate natural elements like snow, ice, condensation, and more

Work november 10, 2014

Balance Lamp Keeps Phone Away While You Work

This design will ask you to give up your mobile device in exchange for office space light

Technology november 10, 2014

Shell Upgrade Lets Soccer Players’ Movements Power Field Floodlights

The oil company refurbished a community football pitch in Rio de Janeiro that's both solar and people-powered

Design & Architecture november 7, 2014

Futuristic Hi-Viz Sportswear Brings Both Security and Stylishness

Kickstarter campaign for LED-embedded T-shirt with 360 degree visibility for day and night time

Innovation november 7, 2014

Smart Booo Dimmer Reimagines the Light Switch in a Beautiful Way

Stone-like device creates ideal atmosphere for all kinds of work and play

Work november 7, 2014

Warm Natural Light with Built-In Wireless Charging Pad

Aerelight is an elegant task lamp with an OLED light panel that provides light without the need of a bulb to replace

Arts & Culture november 5, 2014

‘Neclumi’ Projected Necklace Replaces Material Jewelry with Decorative Light

Light necklace ushers in new wave of decorative wearable technology

Gaming & Play november 4, 2014

Nintendo Desktop Arcade Machine Takes Design Cues from 1930s Lamp

The Model G1 is a posable desktop NES clone that was inspired by the traditional Anglepoise lamp

Home october 30, 2014

Furniture, Lighting Collection Crafted from Repurposed Mess

Industrial odds and ends become unconventional light sources

Sustainability october 29, 2014

Inflatable Solar Lantern a Sustainable Mood-Lighting Solution

Seven seductive colors infuse any camping trip with much-needed atmosphere

Luxury october 28, 2014

Kickstarted Wristwatch Communicates With Your Devices to Set Time

Set your new watch with light from your computer or phone

Technology october 24, 2014

Orfos Flares Offer Higher Visibility for Cyclists

A new Kickstarted bicycle light can improve a cyclist's vision with a lamp as bright as a car's headlights


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