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USA november 17, 2016

Pedestrian Footsteps Power City Street Lights

EnGoPlanet is an off-the-grid lighting solution being installed in Las Vegas

Travel august 29, 2016

Movable Vacation House Constructed Using Concrete Boxes

The 4,000 square foot building is made up of modular frames so it can be relocated if needed due to coastline erosion

Design & Architecture april 11, 2016

How The Internet Of Things Can Make Cities More Sustainable

A lighting network powered by Vodafone and Philips integrates devices to help cities cut costs

Innovation march 25, 2016

Bring Your Most Emotional Selfie Lighting Anywhere

Personal Halo helps you express your mood by acting like a real-life Instagram filter

Op-Ed february 11, 2016

Lightbulbs as the "Glue" of the Smart Home

Chief Innovation Manager at GE Lighting on how LEDs are the new tech-adoption frontier

Arts & Culture february 8, 2016

A Light Show that Brings Live Music to Your Living Room

Lights sync with TV shows to make viewers feel like they're in the crowd

Technology january 15, 2016

It's Time We Liberate Ourselves from the Immobility of the Lightbulb

Improve your happiness with a mood lighting system of color-changing panels

Work january 14, 2016

A Guiding Light for the Connected Home

Able to interact with an AC or TV unit, this beautiful light fixture will be as much a control center as it is a design centerpiece

Arts & Culture december 18, 2014

3D Printed Lace Lamps Project Patterns On Walls

Lacelamps by LP Jacques is a lighting collection that aims to provide a soothing and enveloping ambiance through its unique design

Home december 16, 2014

Lighting Inspired By Space And Physics

Unique homeware designs based on asteroid craters and 1960s NASA

Cities december 12, 2014

Swedish Students Get Light Therapy From Stored Solar Panel Energy

Power company helps to combat winter tiredness and depression

Work december 9, 2014

24HRS LIGHT Is A Mobile Lamp With No Cable Or Button

The lighting object has a minimalist design and can function as a desk lamp or a hanging lamp

Innovation december 5, 2014

Sunn Light Works in Natural Rhythm with the Sun

Improve your health and sleep by ditching harmful indoor artificial lighting

Arts & Culture november 25, 2014

New Lamp Inspired by Water Wells Blends Antique with Modern

The Well Lamp gets wound like a well to brighten or dim


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