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Facebook’s Product Design Director On Why a ‘Thumbs-Up’ Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Google Patent Lets Glass Wearers “Like” Real-Life Objects

Nike Marketer Attacks Brands’ Advertising Metrics [Headlines]

Ed Cotton: Understanding The Facebook Dislike

Man Assaults Wife For Not ‘Liking’ His Facebook Update [Headlines]

  • 10 october 2011
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A German State Bans Facebook ‘Likes’ For Your Privacy

Jeff Jarvis: Much To Dislike About Germany’s Ban On ‘Like’ [Headlines]

‘Thumbs Up’ Not The Only Way To Tell What’s Popular On Facebook

Faveous Aggregates Your Online Favorites

American Express Links Offers to Your Social Graph

Diesel Brings Facebook ‘Likes’ To Real-World Products

Facebook To Enable “Send” Button

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