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Technology april 26, 2013

Liquid Lamp Shines With Luminous Bubbles [Video]

Design studio Tangent has developed a mysterious light display using black silicone oil, a small pump and LEDs in a ceramic bowl.

Cities april 21, 2013

Bike Rental Network Connects Riders With Bikes Not In Use [My Ideal City]

Sharing service Liquid finds idle bicycles to borrow.

Design & Architecture march 27, 2013

Designer Dress Looks Like Splashed-On Water [Pics]

Iris van Herpen creates a couture piece that resembles flowing liquid.

Sustainability november 26, 2012

Crowdfunded Campaign Hopes To Make The ‘Sharing Economy’ A Reality

A new economic model based on accessing resources rather than owning them is seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Home september 15, 2010

What Does Combat Food Say About A Culture?

The comforts of home in liquid and powder form.

Design & Architecture march 23, 2010

Roof Coating Made From Waste Cooking Oil Regulates Temperature

Scientists have developed a smart roof coating out of waste cooking oil that can regulate temperature and save energy costs.


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