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[News] Snapchat announces Spectacles—glasses that record live video
[Insight] A The New York Times perspective on Facebook Live Streaming
Work may 21, 2015

Refocusing Our Digital Minds Onto Analog Experiences

A new range of services and analog-only experiences are helping counter the distractions of our always-on lives

Technology february 13, 2013

Psychedelic Decor Appears To Vibrate On The Walls

Philippe Blanchard crafts sensory interior design overload with with bright, buzzy walls.

Technology november 27, 2012

Bravo Social Television Game Lets Viewers Play During Shows

Network airs Play Live, a live interactive game that displays real-time results on viewer's tv screens.

Syndicated november 20, 2012

Major News Organizations Adopt Live Blogging As New Format

The medium gets 300% more views than traditional online articles as people in offices like to read 'bite-sized nuggets' for breaking news stories.

Innovation august 13, 2012

Successful Homemade Space Capsule Launch Broadcast Online [Pics]

A handmade spacecraft prototype successfully tested over the weekend for everyone to see demonstrates that we may all be able to participate in the astronomy program before long.

Travel april 30, 2012

Live Street Video Feed Immerses Hotel Guests In Local Action As It Happens

See what's happening outside just buy peeking behind the concierge counter and the real-time installation.

Work april 27, 2012

Tate Modern Hosts Live Art In Upcycled Oil Tanks

Unique underground space permanently devoted to moving performances and installations.

august 17, 2011

FA Cup Opener To Go Live On Facebook [Headlines]

See the opening FA Cup game between Ascot United and Wembley FC live on Facebook.

Mobile august 11, 2011

Facebook Comes Out With Its Own Instant Messaging App [Headlines]

Facebook's messaging app defies platform-specific chat features like BBM and Apple's iMessage. It can also aggregate email, texts and chat messages. Currently available in the U.S. only.

Gaming & Play august 10, 2011

Patriots Ochocinco Says He's Living With A Fan For A Few Weeks [Headlines]

Chad Ochocinco who was traded from the Bengals to the Patriots this offseason has plans to stay with a fan for a few weeks but he hasn't picked anyone yet. The only requirements? They must have internet and Xbox.

Work august 9, 2011

Ballantine's Experiments With Human API By Intercepting The Artist's Mind

Scottish whiskey company Ballantine's turns to its Facebook fans and three talented artists to conduct a real-time experiment, known as a Human API.

Mobile february 15, 2011

TV Shows Become Events Again: Twitter As Second Screen

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently held ground at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the potential of the microblogging website as a major edge in business.


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