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Sustainability july 8, 2014

Coca-Cola Gets A Colorless, Eco-Friendly Can Redesign

Concept packaging eliminates toxic manufacturing materials while retaining elements of the brand.

Work july 3, 2014

World Cup Logo And On-Screen Assets Get A Flat Redesign For An Updated Television-Viewing Experience

Illustrators have mocked up a concept redesign reminiscent of Jony Ive’s flat design for iOS 7.

IoT february 13, 2013

Designer Sells Ready-Made Brand That Just Needs A Product [Pics]

'Hessian' has been designed by Ben Pieratt and for $18,000 he provides logos, URL, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, branding book, and more.

Technology december 20, 2012

Designer Creates Personal Brand Logos For $5 In 5 Minutes [Pics]

Von Glitschka invites anyone to send him a business name, type, and email, and he will quickly design a logo for them.

Arts & Culture september 25, 2012

100 Artists Reimagine The London Underground Symbol [Pics]

The Roundel logo is the subject of a diverse collection of new artworks for its 100th anniversary, which will be featured in a book released next month.

Innovation august 28, 2012

NYC Taxi Logos Get A Makeover

The city shifts towards a simplified visual identity, and the letter 'T' will stand alone as 'axi' gets dropped.

Design & Architecture august 27, 2012

How Much Did Famous Logos Cost To Design? [Gallery]

A look at the price tag of some famous logo redesigns- including the recent Microsoft change- begs the question, what's the value of a logo?

Work june 18, 2012

Brand Logos Represented As Flower Arrangements [Pics]

Photographer shoots red roses as corporate icons.

Advertising june 8, 2012

What Would The NY Times Magazine Look Like With A Different Logo? [Pics]

The popular magazine's branding is reimagined by different designers for its innovations issue.

Gaming & Play january 13, 2012

Paralympic Multimedia 3D Logo Reinforces The Importance Of Accessibility

The rebranding for the 2016 Rio Paralympic games aims to inspire people as much as their athletes do.

Technology november 15, 2011

Online Banking Start-up's New Simplified Branding

BankSimple rebrands as 'Simple' and shows off its new logo and visual identity.

Work june 9, 2011

New Book Celebrates Lufthansa's History Of Innovative Graphic Design

A new volume celebrates the German airline's history of impeccable graphic design.

Sustainability june 1, 2011

Pentagram Designs New Identity For NYC Parks [Pics]

The new leaf logo will be used in brand merchandising, signage and promotional materials.

Technology march 28, 2011

Seamless Motion: Nokia's New Font Design

The changing display technology of contemporary smartphones inspires the technology brand to modify its iconic typeface.


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