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Advertising october 8, 2012

Marc Jacobs Turns His Back On The Iconic Logo For Louis Vuitton’s S/S13 Collection

Pop art influenced ready-to-wear line with nary a 'LV' in sight.

Advertising july 12, 2012

Original Logos Of Famous Companies [Headlines]

From Apple to Xerox to GE, the first and current designs associated with the brands.

Advertising june 18, 2012

Brand Logos Represented As Flower Arrangements [Pics]

Photographer shoots red roses as corporate icons.

Advertising december 6, 2011

36 Airline Logos From China And Hong Kong [Headlines]

A variety of logos that show the evolution of logo design in these two countries.

Advertising april 4, 2011

Brands Become Art [Pics]

The Dorothy collective is working on a series of painting that strip down famous brand logos into basic graphic forms.

Advertising march 30, 2011

How News Logos Affect Viewer Bias

Two PhD candidates in the University of Michigan’s Communication Studies program recently published a paper that exploring the effect of brand identity on viewers’ perceptions of bias in the news.

Advertising february 4, 2011

Iconifying User Generated Content

Visual design experiment explores whether YouTube video popularity can be indexed in logo form.

Advertising february 1, 2011

100 Logos In 100 Days [Pics]

Visual designer's regimented conditions for creating branding treads a fine line between endurance and inspiration

Advertising january 11, 2011

Target Takes A Page From Starbucks And Goes Bullseye-Only

The minimalist branding continues, with the retail chain quietly dropping the text from their iconic logo.

Advertising october 29, 2010

Brand Logos Go Hyper-Minimalist (Pics)

Stripping down brand logos to the absolute bare minimum, Graham from ImJustCreative creates abstract versions of popular logos using only circles and color.

Advertising october 8, 2010

Unlogo: Software Eliminates Logos In Video Recordings

Tech artist Jeff Crouse's program acts as a digital content filter, blocking out corporate logos from videos.

Advertising september 2, 2010

Google To Introduce Sponsored Icons In Its Maps Service

The company is introducing a new feature to monetize its virtual real estate.

Advertising august 10, 2010

The Appeal Of Logo-less Luxury

According to a study published in The Journal of Consumer Research, consumers prefer their high-end fashion products to have a less conspicuous brand presence, but more distinctive design features.

Advertising december 21, 2009

The Best and Worst Brand Identities of 2009

In the spirit of "best of" 2009 lists, Brand New has published its list of best and worst brand logos of 2009.


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