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Technology september 25, 2012

The Creators Project: Interactive Sculpture Visualizes Olympic Twitter Sentiment

A physical data sculpture of 17 CNC-milled plates showcases the sentiment attached with the 12.5 million tweets.

Advertising august 17, 2012

The London Olympics Were The Most Watched TV Event Ever [Headlines]

The Summer Games have set a new record in the States for the most watched program, with over 219.4 million viewers.

Technology august 13, 2012

How GIFs Became The Perfect Medium For The Olympics [Headlines]

The first social media Summer Games also shows why animated images are taking over as the medium of choice.

Design & Architecture august 10, 2012

Olympic Art Exhibit Uses Trees To Tell Stories Of London Venues

The History Trees permanent art exhibit tells stories about various locations within the Olympic Park

Cities august 10, 2012

Photographer Gives Lost Tourists Directions To Olympics Venues In Exchange For A Picture

The "You Are Here" project focuses its lens on London 2012 tourists, turning eyes away from the glamour of Olympians and onto the people who watch them.

Advertising august 10, 2012

Twitter Users Defend The Olympic Flame Against Real-Time Weather In London

This interactive website urges fans to help keep the torch alive by tweeting and clicking to fuel the fire.

Advertising august 10, 2012

Cadbury Measures Olympic Stats In Chocolate Products

The"Choculator" creatively leverages the spirit of the Games to engage consumers to interact with the brand.

Syndicated august 8, 2012

Why NBC Dropped The Ball On Olympics Coverage

With the network releasing footage of Olympic events hours after they've already happened, major news networks are learning they can't pretend that social media doesn't exist.

Arts & Culture august 8, 2012

Usain Bolt Goes Up Against 116 Years Of Olympic Sprinters In One Race

The Olympic sprinter is pegged against all former winners in an interactive graphic.

Luxury august 7, 2012

Nike's Installation Shows What It's Like To Travel As Fast As An Olympian

Nike's 'Camp Victory' lets guests feel and hear what it's like to move at the speed of an Olympic athlete.

Work august 7, 2012

Do Sports Drinks Really Work?

Athletes have been told to beat thirst using specially made – and marketed – formulas since the 1980s. But science tells a very different story.

Gaming & Play august 7, 2012

Olympic Rings Redesigned To Represent The Sports Of The Games [Pics]

Designer Leonardo Dentico transforms the iconic logo into different arenas including a swimming pool, running track, soccer pitch and tennis court.

Advertising august 7, 2012

Tiny Radio-Controlled MINIs Retrive Olympic Javelins From Field

One quarter sized MINI Coopers are helping out at the London Games in a creative marketing move by BMW.

Technology august 4, 2012

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