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Technology october 28, 2012

PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON: 18 Change-Making Videos

The full list of talks by an incredible mix of artists, designers, marketers and technologists inspire our audience of creative professionals.

Technology october 28, 2012

Creating Technology That Has A Mind Of Its Own - Katrin Baumgarten [Video]

The designer explores the possibility of machines that think for themselves.

Sustainability october 28, 2012

Using Data For Good - Diana Verde Nieto, Positive Luxury [Video]

CEO shares a new way for socially conscious consumers to buy online by turning e-tracking to their benefit.

Gaming & Play october 22, 2012

Why Kids Learn Best Through Doing - Jason Milligan, Sesame Workshop [Video]

The Creative Director introduces new forms of kinetic learning.

Work october 21, 2012

How The Youth Generation Is Transforming Mobile Technology - Debbie Forster, Apps For Good [Video]

President shows how teens are designing apps to address common social issues.

Home october 21, 2012

Virtual Shopping Is The Future Of Retail - Mikko Martikainen, Sayduck Ltd. [Video]

The CEO introduces the mobile app that will change the way that we buy.

Work october 21, 2012

Managing Our Digital Legacies - Richard Banks, Microsoft Research [Video]

The Microsoft Research designer introduces the reality of online selves and what they mean for our future.

Advertising october 21, 2012

How Anyone Can Master Technology - Daniel Hirschmann & Bethany Koby, Technology Will Save Us

The co-founders of Technology Will Save Us introduce us to DIY dissection and the creation of new gadgets by starting from the inside out.

Technology october 21, 2012

Restrictions Force Us To Be Creative - John Pugh, Boehringer Ingelheim [Video]

Director of Digital Communications explains the importance of fun on social media to aid a corporation's reputation and outlook.

Home october 14, 2012

Little Printer Prints Miniature Newspaper

The CEO introduces their latest design, the "Little Printer" that creates a miniature newspaper based on its owners interests and tastes.

Innovation october 14, 2012

Choreographing Public Spaces To Tell Stories - James Tichenor & Josh Walton, Rockwell Group [Video]

Founders of Rockwell Labs explain how digital and physical realms come together to create spectacle and novel experiences.

Innovation october 14, 2012

Keeping True To 'Old Fashioned' Brand Values Will Help Spur Creativity - Julian Thomson, Jaguar [Video]

Head of Jaguar Advanced Design discusses how emotional connections between the producer and the consumer are what keep companies relevant.

Mobile october 14, 2012

Augmented Reality Is The 'Harry Potterfication' Of Print Media - Jess Butcher, Blippar [Video]

The CMO and Founding Director highlights that ability of technology to enliven old mediums.

Work october 14, 2012

When Branding Means Living Life - James Fairbank, Rapha [Video]

In a talk from PSFK's London conference, Chief Marketer explains how the biking brand manifests through the motto 'Glory Through Suffering'


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